Excellent performance parameters, high-quality workmanship and extensive functionality make the infrared heating films from Heat Decor one of the best solutions on the market. This type of product will be perfect for practically every application - in our offer you will find everything necessary to enjoy the heat provided by this technology at home! The assortment includes heating foils, complete sets with a thermostat and mounting accessories, additional equipment, as well as a wide range of elements used in installation, maintenance and servicing.

The technology on which the electric heating foil is based is the effective use of resistance in the conductivity of electricity through carbon. A product of this class consists of high-quality carbon and a special aluminum paste. Both of these materials are applied to an element made of high-quality PET plastic using modern printing technology. In addition, there are two tapes - a copper electrode that acts as an electric current conductor, and a silver one that prevents sparking. Users can count on first-class insulation and fire-resistant properties.



In the face of concern for the environment, both from your heart and changing legal regulations, you may be facing a new form of providing thermal comfort in a building. Can infrared heating be such a more ecological solution? The opinions of specialists are clear: a heater connected to electricity, emitting infrared radiation, reduces the emission of harmful substances to the environment – compared to coal boilers. You do not need a boiler room, special connections or a large space to install it. All you need is a free piece of space on the wall where you can place the heating panel.


Aesthetically made radiators, both glass and metal, can become the decoration of your home. In addition, infrared heaters have many advantages, including:

  • they are easy to assemble and disassemble. They are mounted on steel profiles, screwed directly to the wall with expansion bolts,

  • they can be a decorative element. The radiators are available in a wide range of colors and the structure of natural stones as well as in solid white and black colors.

  • they evenly heat the entire room by increasing the temperature of walls and objects. A traditional radiator works by convection, warming the air, which moves upwards as a result of its movement – as a result, the temperature under the ceiling is higher than at the floor.

  • reduce the harmful effect of dust sprayed with the air, which rises as a result of standard convection heating – this makes them popular among allergy sufferers,

  • have a built-in thermostat with an energy-saving function. In addition, with the thermostat in the radiator, we can regulate the comfortable temperature in the room and the temperature of the radiator itself.

  • Low investment cost compared to traditional heating installations.

  • they are safe to use, have childproof locks and the possibility of regulating the temperature of the radiator itself, protecting it against accidental burns.

  • by means of programming you decide when to turn the heating panel on and off.

What is one of the most important benefits of infrared heating? Expense! It’s understandable that economic issues are important to you. Heat is one of the most important aspects influencing human well-being. However, it cannot cost too much, as it will quickly lead to an unpleasant choice: save money or live in comfort. Read on to find out how to avoid these dilemmas.


Is your house properly insulated? You should know the answer to this question before ordering infrared panels. If too much heat escapes through the walls or roof, this type of heating is no longer worthwhile. Its cost also depends on the electricity prices, which we have no influence on, unless we have our own photovoltaic installation that produces electricity. You won’t heat the water with infrared panels either. If you are not using its municipal source, think about an additional solution that will help keep it warm.


For many years, research has been conducted all over the world in the field of positive effects of infrared on human health and the impact of infrared on the development of agriculture. Over the last decade, specialized companies dealing with infrared therapy have been created through the use of treatment chambers, infrared saunas, soaking tunnels and infrared loungers.

Very often, infrared heating is used for the rehabilitation and regeneration of muscle tissues, especially in the world of athletes, who are constantly exposed to injuries.

In agricultural production, infrared heating systems are increasingly being introduced to stimulate plants by infrared heating a greenhouse or heating the soil in which plants grow. In animal husbandry, infrared heating is most often used in floor systems aimed at improving the natural growth of animals and leveling out fungi and molds.

In residential construction, infrared heating is used in floor, wall or ceiling heating systems using heating foils or infrared heating panels. The operation of these infrared systems can be compared to the action of solar radiation, which, both as a heating film or heating panels operating in long infrared, warms people and objects within the range of infrared emission.

Infrared in human health

The infrared effect is used in various healing and rehabilitation processes. The process of rehabilitation or regeneration of the body with infrared radiation consists in causing a thermal reaction in the biological tissue. As a heat carrier, infrared radiation penetrates our skin into the cells of the subcutaneous tissue to a depth of a few millimeters to a maximum of 4 cm. The infrared effect improves lymphatic circulation and blood circulation, thanks to which the body’s supply of nutrients improves. Infrared supports human metabolism and supports the human immune system.


Modern heating techniques as an attractive alternative to conventional systems are the basis of Heat Decor's operations. A very important product group in our offer are infrared heaters available in this category. These are innovative electric heaters characterized by an economical mode of operation, as well as excellent visual values.

Thanks to the refined structure and high-quality components, our heating panels are perfect for both basic and additional heating (e.g. supplementary floor installations). This type of infrared device is an electric heater in which the working surface, via the heater, reaches a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

The unique, modernist design and first-class performance parameters make the glass heating panels from our offer very popular among the most demanding customers. They are electric infrared heaters, which means that they emit heat in the form of infrared waves, just like the sun's rays. In contrast to the traditionally used phenomenon of convection, in this case users can enjoy an evenly heated room without the problem of drying the air or raising dust.

Our radiators are characterized by a very high quality of workmanship. We offer a 5-year warranty period, and the components used are ready for many years of trouble-free operation. In addition, there is energy savings of 30% compared to traditional electric heating systems as well as simple and safe installation.


The Heat Decor HD-C600T heating panel has a built-in room thermostat. The thermostat has a room air temperature setting function and a panel temperature setting function. The panel heater has specially profiled mounting hangers, which effectively prevents children from taking the radiator off. In addition, the thermostat is equipped with a temperature setting key lock, childproof.

The thermostat in the radiator is easy to use and allows you to control the room temperature and set the temperature of the heating panel, which is especially important when the users are young children. Temperature control of the heating panel will effectively protect users against possible burns. The Heat Decor heating panel does not require any additional control devices.